Why I’m Running 2017-10-29T16:23:17+00:00

My Concerns

  • I am concerned for the survival of our free nation.
  • I am concerned for the future of education of our children and that we will not be able to keep pace with other nations in math and science.
  • I am concerned at the lack of support for public education.
  • I am concerned that our country has abandoned its veterans, elderly, disabled, mentally ill and poor.
  • I am concerned for our environment.
  • I am concerned at out of control spending by the Federal Government.
  • I am concerned at the ever rising federal income taxes.
  • I am concerned at the corruption in Washington.
  • I am concerned at the erosion of our constitutional rights by the legislature and the courts.

I decided to run for office because I am fed up with the lack of cooperation by both parties in finding solutions to the problems facing our country.  I fear that time is of the essence and that we are on the brink of going down a path of no return if we do not change course immediately.   We must find a way to work together to solve our problems and be willing to reach across the aisle.  We must bring integrity to the legislature.  Washington needs new faces who are willing to make hard choices and think outside the box.  I will make campaign financing a priority and work to change the ruling in Citizens United with legislation to prevent corporations from buying our legislators.  I will also fight to ensure that health insurance is affordable to all citizens.