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Sign The Petition

In order to get on a voting ballot, each candidate for each elected seat must obtain a certain minimum number of registered voters’ signatures. The required number varies with the position for which the candidate is running. For statewide elections such as the United States Senate for which Chris is running, he needs 5,801 valid signatures from registered Democrats, Independents or Non-Party affiliated voters.

How can I sign Chris’ Nomination Petition?

You can sign the nomination petition simply by clicking on the “Sign the Petition” button on any page of this website. The link takes you to the Arizona Secretary of State’s website, which already has all of your voter registration data. You complete the form, which asks for your driver’s license number so that the Secretary of State can match it against your voter data to verify you are who you say you are. You need not worry about anyone calling you because you signed the petition or giving your information because if you are registered to vote, the Arizona Secretary of State already has all your information from when you registered to vote.

How long does it take to sign the nomination petition?

Signing the nomination petition takes less than a minute of your time and by signing, you help get Chris on the ballot and increase your choices when you go to vote. Remember, signing the nomination petition is not a vote for Chris and you can vote for whomever you like when you go to the ballot box.

What are the advantages of electronic signatures?

The electronic signatures are great because they count immediately since the Arizona Secretary of State can verify them against your driver’s license. Paper signatures are often not counted because people have moved and forgotten to update their addresses. If the address used does not match the voter registration records, they will not count your signature. Also, other issues such as illegibility may cause many signatures not to be counted. Electronic signatures also allow candidates to get signatures faster, and without having to canvass neighborhoods, which is time consuming and people are often not receptive to visits from candidates. They also level the playing field by allowing candidates with less money to obtain signatures more easily.

Who can sign?

For a Democrat candidate, registered (or people eligible to register) Democrats, Independents and Non-Party registered voters may sign. Unfortunately, a Republican, Green Party or Libertarian cannot sign. Chris did not make up these rules. They are set by the State of Arizona.

Sign The Petition