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Chris Russell for U.S. Senate

“Your Seat At the Table”

It’s time to make our government do what it is supposed to: work for you.  In order to do that, you need a seat at the table.  Right now, nobody in Washington D.C. is representing the people–nobody who has the people’s interests is sitting at the negotiation table.

I have been fighting for a seat at the table for people in my small community for years and I want to take that fight to Washington D.C., where no one is listening to the people.

I’m Chris Russell, and I’m running for United States Senate for the State of Arizona as a Democrat.  I decided to run for office because I am fed up with both parties’ failure to consider the people in their politics, choosing instead to represent special interests and those who have the most money to donate to their campaigns.

I am an Army veteran, a husband, a father and a small town lawyer. My job has shown me every day how insurance companies and other large corporations have rigged the law in favor of themselves over ordinary citizens. The foundation of my practice is helping people fight battles they can’t fight themselves. I get them their seat at the table with big corporations and insurance companies and make sure their voices are heard.

As your representative in the United States Senate, I will be able to put my knowledge of and experience with the law to work for you the way I’ve used my expertise to get justice for my clients, both military and civilian. I will be your seat at the table and I will fight for the People of Arizona and the rest of the country on national issues.

As a rural Arizonan, I understand the diverse character of our lands beyond Maricopa County.

I also understand that Arizona’s population makes us particularly vulnerable to the issues that arise when Medicare and Social Security are cut. Our seniors do not deserve to spend their later years worrying about whether they can afford to get sick. I have seen first hand the effects of predatory insurance lobbies who consider corporations to be people, and people to be marks. I am also a small business owner who has seen the reality of the Affordable Care Act, and am aware of the burden small business owners are carrying.

Many Arizonans are small business owners, because Arizonans don’t like people excessively telling us what to do; we’re proud to be home to some of the last bastions of the wild west. State’s rights and individual rights are highly regarded values within our sense of identity, and I am committed to staying sensitive to big government interference in our every day lives, while keeping us safe. I support the Second Amendment, and I support reasonable border protection that does not violate civil rights or dehumanize people. We must overhaul our broken immigration system and take a harder look at our trade policies with Mexico if we want to reduce illegal immigration. We also must take a hard look at American companies who employ hiring practices on the wrong side of the law.

Using the law to get justice for ordinary citizens is my passion, but in addition to the law, I’m passionate about enjoying the natural beauty of our state. Corporations identifying as people wish to gut our natural resources, and politicians who have never spent a night in a tent are willing to let them. I will not be that politician. I am that guy driving home next to you who is thinking about his children’s future, his clients’ quality of life, his state’s place in the country, and his country’s place in the world. I can use the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired to get your seat at the table if you elect me, Chris Russell.

Why it Makes Sense to Have a Trial Lawyer as Senator

As a Trial Lawyer, I consult with people every day who have problems that arise as a direct result of laws passed, usually in circumstances where no one is listening to them, or they are being ignored. I make sure their voices are heard. I give them a seat at the table.  I have highly developed skills that are necessary to make any Senator successful which I use daily in my practice to include:

  • diplomacy and statesmanship–our courts do not tolerate incivility
  • negotiation skills which include contract negotiations, settlement conferences, mediations, arbitrations, etc.–the vast majority of my clients’ cases settle through these processes
  • problem solving involving complexities of the law
  • public speaking in court, in front of juries and teaching continuing legal education classes
  • the ability to evaluate and consider all sides of a position, which is necessary to debate any legal position; I have also served as a neutral arbitrator in many arbitrations where I have had to consider all sides in making tough binding arbitration decisions in litigation disputes
  • the art of persuasion which I must use to persuade judges, opposing lawyers, opposing parties, insurance adjusters, and even my own clients

These are skills that I employ all day, every day and which I have mastered.  It is important to point out that not all lawyers use these skills daily, but a Trial Lawyer does.  A successful Senator needs to be a master of these skills.

I understand that things happen slowly in the public sector and that patience is necessary to achieve results.   Being involved in the legal world, it sometimes takes years to go through the legal justice system to achieve justice.  I have the patience that it takes and the determination to see things through to the end.

I read the law and case rulings daily. I see the direct effects of poorly thought out laws on ordinary people’s everyday lives and I understand how important it is to think through proposed legislation carefully. I will never vote on a bill that I haven’t read or carefully analyzed.

I understand that without the First Amendment right to speak out in support of the Second Amendment, there is no Second Amendment. Without the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures, the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, the Sixth Amendment right to counsel and the Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial, the Second Amendment cannot be protected because the government could just take your guns, force you to say things that can be used against you, refuse to give you counsel to defend your rights and refuse to give you a public trial. Thus, all of these rights are equally important and vital to each other and all must be fought for with utmost vigilance.

In addition to maintaining the rights granted us by our Constitution, I understand how corporate lobbies have put in place laws that favor corporations by putting arbitrary caps on the value of claims leaving ordinary, hardworking Americans without the funds to pay for medical necessities.

I see the real world consequences of mandatory sentencing laws, the privatization of the prison system, and the failure to fund indigent defense programs.

I have defended lots of people who are mentally ill who have been charged with a crime when instead, they should be receiving mental health treatment.

One cannot competently vote on passing a law without having a comprehensive knowledge of how that law affects people, other areas of the law, or important constitutional rights. I have seen the legislature irresponsibly pass laws that are not constitutional, only to cause costly litigation involving constitutional challenges—litigation that the tax payers ultimately fund.

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